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Tables Turned

- by Dana Letkeman/Arlea Ashcroft

ACI Manitoba is the Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba. We are a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts and cultural industries of Manitoba. At past AGMs, we invited ACI members to showcase their work as photographers, but this year we turned the tables on ourselves and presented a group exhibition featuring the photographic work of our staff. Our venue at 245 McDermot is part of the 3rd annual Flash Photographic Festival.

You know us as arts admin, support, and service workers to the arts and cultural industry. But the reason we do what we do is because we are also artists. We know the struggle is real. We know the need to create. We know the love of art. It makes us better mentors, trainers, teachers and organizers because we know what it takes to be an artist.

TABLES TURNED is our first exhibition as a group.

We are exploring how photography shapes our ideas and informs how we perceive ourselves, the world around us and our connection to the Manitoba art scene. It is the view from us, giving insight into who we are, and why we do what we do for our artistic community. Works in the exhibition range from landscape to figurative, portraiture to abstract and hands on manipulation. With each one of us an individual expressing the idea of who we are, our passions and our drive to create.

We hope to inspire you with our work as you constantly inspire us. Art is a give and take of ideas, emotions, and thought. And our goal with this show is to share that fluid bond between us from artist to artist.

Participating artists are:
Thom Sparling, Carol Finlay, Kate Vermette, Kaitlin Aiello, Arlea Ashcroft, Alicia Faucher, Jamie Lou Morneau, Jan Skene, Christie Fischer, and Kathe Meseman.

We will be displaying the photographs until the end of October so be sure to stop by at 245 McDermot and check them out!

FLASH is Winnipeg's Annual Photographic Festival. Each October the city sees photographs on walls in cafes, shops and galleries; giving a venue for established and emerging artists. Founded in 2014, The Flash Photographic Festival educates, demonstrates, and illuminates.